101 Great Ways

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life ~ Volume 2 ~


Proven Success Secrets!

Jack Canfield, Dr. Richard Carlson, Dr. John Gray, Bob Proctor, Alan Cohen, Talia Mana and a host of other leading experts bring you this complete collection of 101 quick, simple and – most importantly – proven success secrets that show you how to instantly and positively improve your life.


Shawn Driscoll, Career Success Coach/Succeed Coaching & Development

“As a success coach, I have volumes of self-help books on my shelf. But 101 Great Ways is a new favorite! It covers nearly EVERY topic in easy-to-read-and-apply articles by some of the most motivating success experts around. Reading just one article a day guarantees 101 fantastic days!”

Signe A. Dayhoff – The Social Effectiveness Guru, Effectiveness-Plus LLC

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life: Vol. 2 is a treasure trove of creative ideas and practical techniques and strategies you can use to almost instantaneously reshape your thinking, increase your passion and motivation, develop your skills and confidence, and add significant meaning, purpose and satisfaction to your life. This book is must-have!”


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