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“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion.
You must set yourself on fire.”
~ Reggie Leach


Business Planning, Strategy, Leadership & Management

Talia enjoys the rare capacity to combine fine analytical skills with clear creativity and powerful forward thinking.

Her skills of leadership, direction, negotiation and quality-positive contribution are of the very highest calibre.

Tim Mackay
Chief Executive
Cement & Concrete Association of New Zealand


Success Coaching/Mentoring

For the past eighteen months, Talia Mana has been a mentor to me. Although we have never met face to face, I have had incredible results.

Now I feel much more on top of things, more in control of my life. Her approach is so easy and works so well. She seems to be able to “read” me and is continually helping me go forward in the right direction. She is absolutely fantastic, so down to earth and what she advises makes so much sense.

If anyone asked me if Ms. Mana’s program can work I would say emphatically yes.

Sandra Meltz
Author and Teacher
Atlanta, USA


Professional Speaking

Talia is an exceptional communicator. At the request of NZ Society of Authors, Northland Branch, Talia Mana presented a workshop on Digital Publishing.

She put her material across clearly and concisely, and in an interesting and pertinent manner. She is an experienced presenter and business speaker and this was apparent from the quality of her presentation. She was professional in her approach and tailored her material and presentation style to suit the group’s requirements.

Kathy Derrick
NZ Society of Authors, Northland Branch